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Antarctic microclimate data GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00002 Automatic data loggers are often used to monitor environmental variables such as ...
BAS Radiation Belt Model runs for 3rd to 28th June 2013 using two different low energy boundary conditions GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01104 Two model runs using the BAS Radiation belt model; one using a low energy bounda ... Physical Sciences
Biologically relevant spectroradiometer data, Rothera Station, from 1997 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00018 Biologically relevant radiation has been recorded since February 1997 using a Be ...
Major ion chemistry and stable nitrate isotopic composition of aerosol, skin layer snow and snow pits at Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01165 This dataset contains major ion chemistry and stable nitrate isotopic compositio ... Physical Sciences
Surface Energy Budget (SEB) measurements of the snowpack taken at Larsen camp, Larsen C Ice Shelf, Jan 2011 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00590 Comprehensive measurements were taken on the Larsen C Ice Shelf and used to comp ...
WRF regional climate model output over Peru, and Cordillera Blanca and Vilcanota-Urubamba regions, Peru, from 1980 to 2018 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01731 The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model output over the whole of Peru a ... Physical Sciences
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