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Antarctic food webs - Jacobian matrices GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00909 The Antarctic food webs represent two entire above-belowground communities from ... Physical Sciences
Genetic Variation in Antarctic endemics and bipolar lichen GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00620 Genetic variation on a spatial scale was assessed, using both DNA fingerprinting ...
Soil food webs, Successions - Jacobian Matrices GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00911 The soil food webs in this collection represent a total of 32 belowground commun ... Physical Sciences
Soil food webs, agro and native - Jacobian matrices GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00910 The soil food webs in this collection represent seven belowground communities fr ... Physical Sciences
Specimens, cultures, ribosomal and other genomic DNA sequences collected from Antarctica GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00619 The fieldwork involved collection of fertile lichens from a range of sites acros ...
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