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Airborne radar bed elevation picks across the Wilkes Subglacial Basin, 2005-2006 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01075 This data set contains bed and surface elevation picks derived from airborne rad ...
Airborne radio-echo sounding of the English Coast, western Palmer Land, Antarctic Peninsula (2016/17 season) GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01339 This dataset includes ~3,000 line km of radio-echo sounding data along the Engli ... Geological Sciences
Dated radar stratigraphy of the Pine Island Glacier catchment (West Antarctica) derived from BBAS-PASIN (2004-05) and OIB-MCoRDS2 (2016/2018) surveys GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01459 This dataset contains the position and depth of four spatially-extensive Interna ... Geological Sciences
EISCAT Tromso radar observations of Polar Mesospheric Summer Echoes/Winter Echoes (PMSE/PMWE) GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00827 The EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter ) data is from either the Ultra High Fre ...
Quad-polarimetric ApRES measurements along a 6 km-long transect at the WAIS Divide, December 2019 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01495 Polarimetric phase-sensitive radar measurements were collected at the Western An ... Physical Sciences
Radar characterization of ice crystal orientation fabric and anisotropic rheology within Rutford Ice Stream, 2017-2019 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01428 We use polarimetric radar sounding to investigate variation in ice crystal orien ... Physical Sciences
Radar-derived bed reflectivity of Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica, December 2016 to January 2017 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01438 The dataset presented here contains a csv-file including the coordinates, receiv ... Physical Sciences
Rothera meteor radar data, Rothera Station, Antarctica, 2005-2007 GB/NERC/BAS/AEDC/00287 The Skiymet meteor radar was deployed at Rothera (68S, 68W) in Feb 2005. The rad ...
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