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BAS Radiation Belt Model runs for 3rd to 28th June 2013 using two different low energy boundary conditions GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01104 Two model runs using the BAS Radiation belt model; one using a low energy bounda ... Physical Sciences
Effects of VLF transmitter waves on the inner belt and slot region GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01152 Signals from VLF transmitters can leak from the Earth-ionosphere wave guide into ... Physical Sciences
Pitch angle diffusion coefficients used to calculate electron precipitation from the Earth's radiation belts GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01362 This dataset contains two NetCDF files: (labelled from here as a) ... Physical Sciences
Rapid electron acceleration in low density regions of Saturn's radiation belt by whistler mode chorus waves GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01150 Radiation belts are hazardous regions found around several of the planets in our ... Physical Sciences
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