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Geological station and sample registers plus processed geochemical data from rocks collected in eastern Ellsworth Land, 2002-2003


Geological station and sample registers related to rock samples collected from eastern Ellsworth Land during the 2002-2003 field season. In addition, processed data related to zircon mineral analysis using a technique that combines measurement of the U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotope systems. Minerals found in sediments that are resistant to earth surface processes, such as weathering and erosion, can yield information including the age and geological evolution of the sediment source region. Such a fingerprint is often unique and can be put in geographical context allowing an evaluation as to whether rock units today found adjacent to each other were originally deposited close to each other or not. Ultimately through rigorous zircon provenance analysis a new model for the crustal makeup of the Antarctic Peninsula can be tested.

Ellsworth Land, English Coast, Lu-Hf isotope analysis, U-Pb isotope analysis, zircon provenance analysis

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