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Mean position of the Southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current Front in the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean


This dataset contains the mean position of the Southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current front (SACCF) in the Scotia Sea, southwest Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. The location of the front was determined from analysis of the geopotential anomaly field calculated from quality-controlled potential temperature and salinity data from the World Ocean Database 1998 (Levitus et al., 1998) supplemented by an additional hydrographic profile obtained from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, as detailed by Thorpe (2001) and Thorpe et al. (2002). The geopotential anomaly data were gridded at a horizontal resolution of one quarter degree and spanned the period 1911-1990.
The front position was generated as part of a studentship awarded to SE Thorpe, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council with CASE support from the British Antarctic Survey. The studentship was supervised by KJ Heywood, MA Brandon and DP Stevens.

Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Scotia Sea, South Georgia, hydrography, ocean front, southwest Atlantic

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