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Neogastropod species lists from the Early Cenozoic of Seymour Island Antarctica, US Gulf Coast and Paris Basin


These files comprise lists of neogastropod species from the Early Cenozoic of Seymour Island, Antarctica and tropical counterparts in both the US Gulf Coast and Paris Basin. They comprise a key part of the raw data analysed in the paper Crame et al. (2018).
For each of these three localities species are listed in taxonomic order, following conventional taxonomic notation. Faunas are listed for the Paleocene, Early Eocene and Middle Eocene time intervals for the two tropical localities, but only for the Paleocene and Middle Eocene of Antarctica.
The accurate location of all the localities is given in a series of published papers. The Seymour Island samples were collected across three field seasons; 1999, 2006 and 2010. The US Gulf Coast and Paris Basin data were constructed from existing literature.

Funding was provided by the NERC grants NE/I005803/1 and NE/C506399/1.

Antarctic Peninsula, Eocene, Neogastropoda, Palaeontology, Paleocene, Seymour Island

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