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Ice flow model output for Pine Island Glacier (West Antarctica), from numerical inversions of ice surface velocities observed in 1996 and 2014


This data contains the model output of three numerical inversions of Pine Island Glacier ice surface velocities performed with the Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM2.0). The first and second simulations are inversions of the 1996 and 2014 velocity, respectively. The third simulation is a sensitivity experiment on the 2014 inversion.
The gridded data consists of the ice surface velocity, basal velocity, basal stress, basal melt rates, and basal water fluxes, calculated for Pine Island Glacier catchment area.

This data was created within the iSTAR-C programme (with NERC grant reference NE/J005800/1).

Basal conditions, Ice streams, Numerical inversion, Pine Island Glacier

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