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Turbulence beneath Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica (2012)


Turbulent velocity fluctuations in the ice shelf-ocean boundary layer beneath Larsen C Ice Shelf were observed using two turbulence instrument clusters (TICs) deployed 2.5 m and 13.5 m beneath the ice shelf base in December 2011. Each TIC sampled the velocity fluctuations at a rate of 5 Hz, and were operated in burst mode with 15 minutes of data being collected every two hours. 4600 bursts were collected over a period of 392 days. 320 bursts failed the quality control checks, and were removed from the dataset. The TICs were deployed as part of the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Sub Ice Shelf Boundary Layer Experiment.

Funding was provided by the NERC grant NE/H009205/1.

Antarctica, Ice shelf-ocean boundary layer, Larsen C, Turbulence

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