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Modelling and observed sea salt aerosol in the Weddell Sea (June-August 2013)


This dataset contains all datasets used in Yang et al. ACP (2019), especially the model-data comparison data and pTOMCAT's model experimental results. The data include pTOMCAT model output of sea salt aerosol (SSA) and the cruise data from the Weddell Sea, they include blowing snow particles and aerosol number density and regrouped size spectrum over open ocean, marginal sea ice zone and packed sea ice. It also contains monthly sea salt aerosol sodium concentrations at eight polar sites in both northern and southern hemispheres: Alert, Barrow, Summit, Palmer, Neumayer, Halley, Kohnen and Concordia (Dome C). The Weddell Sea particle data (both blowing snow and aerosol) are from 29m above the sea level (not including near surface data). The data period only covers 13 June-26 July 2013. To get access to a full cruise dataset, see the companion paper by Frey et al. (2019) and the DOI link.

This study was supported by NERC-funded BLOWSEA project (NE/J023051/1) and the German RV Polarstern.

BLOWSEA, SSA, Weddell Sea, blowing snow, modelling, sea salt aerosol

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