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Seismic refraction data, Antarctic Peninsula, Larsen C Ice Shelf, Joerg Peninsula Suture Zone / Solberg Inlet Ice Shelf Unit, November-December 2008


Walk-away seismic reflection surveys were conducted in two locations on and to the south of (i.e. on the Solberg Inlet derived meteoric ice shelf unit) the suture zone emanating from the Joerg Peninsula on the Larsen C Ice Shelf, approximately 95 km downflow of the peninsula's tip. The data were collected as part of NERC Project SOLIS.

Funding was provided by NERC Standard Grant 'Present and future stability of Larsen C Ice Shelf', 2008-2011, NERC Reference NE/E012914/1.

Antarctic Peninsula, Joerg Peninsula Suture Zone, Larsen C Ice Shelf, Seismic Reflection, Solberg Inlet

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