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RESPONDER: Observations of a supraglacial lake drainage event at Lake 028 on Store Glacier, Greenland, July 2018


Datasets from the Resolving subglacial properties, hydrological networks and dynamic evolution of ice flow on the Greenland Ice Sheet (RESPONDER) project as published in the paper by Chudley et al. entitled "Supraglacial lake drainage at a fast-flowing Greenlandic outlet glacier". Please cite this paper if using this data.

This dataset consists of observations of the rapid drainage of a supraglacial lake on Store Glacier, a marine-terminating outlet glacier of the west Greenland Ice Sheet. 'Lake 028', located 70.57degN, 50.08degW, drained on 2018-07-07 and was recorded using a variety of geophysical instrumentation. The dataset presented here includes all data necessary to replicate the findings presented in the main paper, including UAV photogrammetry-derived raster data (producing a series of orthophotos, digital elevation models, and velocity fields) and time-series records from in-situ geophysical instrumentation (GPS receiver, geophone, and water pressure sensor).

Funding was provided by NERC DTP grant NE/L002507/1 and ERC Horizon 2020 grant 683043.

Greenland, glaciology, hydrology, ice sheets, lakes

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