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Physico-chemical properties of maritime Antarctic fellfield soils collected from along a latitudinal transect between Signy Island (60 deg S) and south-eastern Alexander Island (72 deg S), 2007-2008


The dataset consists of 21 physico-chemical parameters (moisture concentration, pH value, electrical conductivity, the concentrations of total organic C and N, Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Ni, P, Zn, and those of water-extractable phosphate ions, sulphate ions, chloride ion, ammonium-N ions, nitrate/nitrite-N ions and dissolved organic carbon) measured in 29 soils gathered from along a latitudinal transect between Signy Island (60 degrees South) and south-eastern Alexander Island (72 degrees South) in November 2007-February 2008.

Funding was provided by NERC grants NE/D00893X/1; AFI 7/05

fellfield soils, latitudinal transect, maritime Antarctica, soil chemistry

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