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The coastline of Kalaallit Nunaat/ Greenland available as a shapefile and geopackage, covering the main land and islands, with glacier fronts updated as of 2017


A coastline of Kalaallit Nunaat/ Greenland covering all land and islands, produced in 2017 for the BAS map 'Greenland and the European Arctic'. The dataset was produced by extracting the land mask from the Greenland BedMachine dataset and manually editing anomalous data. Some missing islands were added and glacier fronts were updated using 2017 satellite imagery. The dataset can be used for cartography, analysis and as a mask, amongst other uses. At very large scales, the data will appear angular due to the nature of being extracted from a raster with 150 m cell size, but the dataset should be suitable for use at most scales and can be edited by the user to exclude very small islands if required. The projection of the dataset is WGS 84 NSIDC Sea Ice Polar Stereographic North, EPSG 3413. The dataset does not promise to cover every island and coastlines were digitised using the data creator's interpretation of the landforms from the images.

Coastline, Greenland, Land cover, Topography

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