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Thermal physiology of the Patagonian limpet Nacella deaurata


This is a physiological dataset for the Southern Patagonian limpet, Nacella deaurata. The limpets were collected from 2-6m depth in the Straits of Magellan near to Punta Arenas (53.164 S, 70.917 W) between Nov and the end of Jan 2018-19. A 2 month feeding experiment maintained N. deaurata at 1,4,8,11 and 14 degree Celsius for 2 months. Ingestion rate, absorption efficiency, absorption rate, oxygen consumption (uptake), scope for growth and mortality were measured. The thermal reaction norm for duration tenacity of field fresh subtidal and intertidal limpets, as well as subtidal limpets that were incubated at 8 degree Celsius for 2 months was investigated. The thermal reaction norm of radula scraping rates of field fresh limpets was measured.

This work was funded by the Center FONDAP-IDEAL 15150003, ANID Chile and NERC core funding to the British Antarctic Survey.

South America, climate change, ecophysiology, marine gastropods

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