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Four Gorgon Global-MHD simulations of Fast Forward Interplanetary Shocks interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere


This dataset contains the data produced by four Gorgon Global magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations of Fast-Forward Interplanetary Shocks of increasing strengths interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere, as described in the study of Desai et al. (2021). Further description of the Gorgon MHD model can be found at Mejnertsen et al., (2016,2018) and Eggington et al., (2020). The data was produced on the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service (doi: 10.14469/hpc/2232).
The MHD equations were solved in the magnetosphere on a regular 3-D cartesian grid of resolution 0.5 Earth radii (RE), covering a domain of dimensions (-20,100) RE in X, (-40,40) RE in Y and (-40,40) RE in Z with an inner boundary at 3 RE. In this coordinate system the Sun lies in the negative X-direction, the Z axis is aligned to the dipole in the 0 degree tilt case (where positive tilt points the north magnetic pole towards the Sun), and Y completes the right-handed set.
Output data is timestamped in seconds and is defined at the centre of the grid cells. The simulation data corresponding to each shock are stored in separate directories 'ShockX' where X=I-IV. The data are stored in hdf5 format.
The magnetospheric variables are stored in the files: 'Gorgon_[YYYYMMDD]_MS_params_[XXXXX]s.hdf5' where XXXXX is the simulation time in seconds. The magnetospheric data includes the magnetic field, ('Bvec_c'), velocity, ('vvec'), plasma density, ('rho1'), and ion temperature, ('Ti'), after 2h of simulation, over the course of 10 minutes. The data for the magnetic field, ('Bvec_c'), and velocity, ('vvec'), are of shape (240,160,160,3) where the first 3 dimensions are the grid indices in (X,Y,Z) indexed from negative to positive, and the final dimension is the cartesian vector component in (i,j,k). The data for the density, ('rho1'), and ion temperature, ('Ti'), is of shape (240,160,160) where the first 3 dimensions are the grid indices in (X,Y,Z) indexed from negative to positive.

Funding was provided by NERC Highlight grant to NE/P017347/1 (Rad-Sat)

Global-MHD, interplanetary shocks, magnetopause, magnetosphere, solar wind

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