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Processed line aeromagnetic data from the 2015/16 PolarGAP survey of the South Pole region.


The ESA PolarGap airborne gravity, lidar/radar and aeromagnetic survey was carried out in Antarctica in the field season 2015/16.

The purpose of the 2015/16 ESA PolarGAP airborne survey of the South Pole region was to fill the gap in satellite gravity coverage, enabling construction of accurate global geoid models. Additional radar flights over the Recovery Lakes for the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) were carried out as part of the same survey. In conjunction with the primary datasets aeromagnetic data was collected opportunistically, to provide new insights into the subglacial geology.

Data were collected using a caesium magnetometer system, and have been corrected to total field values following the approach laid out by the SCAR ADMAP working group (

The aircraft used was the BAS aerogeophysicaly equipped twin otter VP-FBL.

Data are available as an ASCII table (.csv).

Aerogeophysics, Aeromagnetics, Antarctica, Magnetics, South Pole, geophysics

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