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Isis remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) bathymetry data in Marguerite Trough, Antarctica, from James Clark Ross cruise JR157, 2007


On cruise JR157 the Isis ROV was deployed on 15 dives in the Marguerite Trough area in January and February 2007. We present here the data acquired during dives 10 and 11. Dives 10 and 11 targeted a bedrock channel system on the inner continental shelf to investigate channel incision processes and the history of glaciation in the area. The plan was to map parts of the channel walls and thalweg, and then to use these data to locate the best coring sites within the channel system. In reality, several small patches of bathymetric data were acquired from the channels by a multibeam echosounder mounted on the ROV.

This research was funded by UK Natural Environment Research Council grant AFI06/14 (NE/C506372/1) to J.A. Dowdeswell, R.D. Larter and G. Griffiths.

Antarctica, Bedrock channels, Isis ROV, Marguerite Trough, Remotely-operated vehicle, bathymetry, multibeam

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