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Acceleration of electrons by whistler-mode hiss waves at Saturn


Radiation belts are hazardous regions found around several of the planets in our Solar System. They consist of very hot, electrically charged particles that are trapped in the magnetic field of the planet. At Saturn the most important way to heat these particles has for many years been thought to involve the particles drifting closer towards the planet. This paper builds on previous work on the emerging idea at Saturn that a different way to heat the particles is also possible where the heating is done by waves, in a similar way to what we find at the Earth. This work is reported in the paper "Acceleration of electrons by whistler-mode hiss waves at Saturn" by E.E. Woodfield et al., 2021. The data provided here enable reconstruction of all the figures in the paper.

E.E.W., R.B.H., and S.A.G. were funded by STFC grant ST/S000496/1. R.B.H., S.A.G. and A.J.K. were funded by NERC grant NE/R016038/1 and R.B.H. and S.A.G. by NERC grant NE/R016445/1. J.D.M. and Y.Y.S. were supported by NASA grants NNX11AM36G and NNX16AI47G. University of Iowa (J.D.M.) was supported by NASA contract 1415150 with JPL. Y.Y.S. was supported by EC grant H2020 637302.

Radiation Belt, Saturn, magnetosphere, plasma waves, wave-particle interactions

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