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Raw GNSS/INS buoy data during the MOSAiC expedition 2019-2020 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01686 This dataset contains the raw data from GNSS/INS (Global Navigation Satellite Sy ... Physical Sciences
Salinity profiles of snow on sea ice and sea ice in the Arctic Ocean during winter 2015 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01166 Salinity profiles of sea ice and snow on sea ice were measured in the Arctic Oce ... Physical Sciences
Sea-ice floe size distribution data derived from USGS GFL high-resolution satellite imagery for the pre-ponding period of 2000-2014 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01295 The dataset (FSD-GFL-res2m-Preponding) contains sea-ice floe ice distribution (F ... Physical Sciences
Year-round Arctic sea ice thickness from CryoSat-2 Baseline-D Level 1b observations 2010-2020 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01613 This dataset presents biweekly gridded sea ice thickness and uncertainty for the ... Physical Sciences
Documentary extracts from journals and logbooks relating to the circum-Antarctic expeditions of Cook (1772-75) and Bellingshausen (1819-21) GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01818 Marine ice data extracted from historical records of ship-observed sea ice and i ... Biological Sciences
Fatty acid composition of 32 cold-water algal strains cultured under different conditions to support the interpretation of in situ algal FA data from the MOSAiC expedition 2019/2020 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01808 A seasonal cycle of the FA composition of particulate organic matter from surfac ... Biological Sciences
Platform Transmitting Terminal (PTT) tracking of Emperor Penguins at Rothschild Island, Antarctica, 2015 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01798 This study took place from 12 November to 1 December 2015, at the emperor pengui ... Biological Sciences
Amundsen-Ross sea ice reconstruction based on data from the Ferrigno ice core (F10), Bryan Coast, West Antarctica GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00941 This dataset provides a 308 year record of methansulphonic acid (MSA) from coast ...
Sediment cores collected on RRS James Clark Ross cruise (JR104), Bellingshausen Sea, 2004 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00272 Sediments cores collected aboard the RRS James Clark Ross (JR104) in the Belling ...
The record of track and size evolution of giant iceberg B31 from Pine Island Glacier, November 2013-July 2015 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00873 The data set contains information on the position, and occasionally dimensions, ...
Concentration, size distribution and chemical composition of snow particles, sea salt aerosol and snow on sea ice in the Weddell Sea (Antarctica) during austral winter/spring 2013 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01239 Two consecutive cruises in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica, in winter/spring 2013 pr ... Physical Sciences
Forecasts, neural networks, and results from the paper: 'Seasonal Arctic sea ice forecasting with probabilistic deep learning' GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01526 This dataset encompasses data produced in the study ''Seasonal Arctic sea ice fo ... Physical Sciences
Salinity profiles of snow on sea ice in the Weddell Sea (Antarctica) during austral winter 2013 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/00945 Small particles (known as aerosol) in the atmosphere play several critical roles ... Physical Sciences
South Orkney Fast-Ice Series (SOFI) - Version 2.0 GB/NERC/BAS/PDC/01542 The South Orkney Fast-Ice series (SOFI) is an annual record of the timing of for ... Biological Sciences
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