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Geophysical survey of Peninsula Point, NWT, Canada, using Tromino 3G ENGY instruments, 2019-07-31 - 2019-08-03


This is a survey over the changing topography of a massive ice type site, Peninsula Point (UTM 8N 573400, 7701000), within the Canadian National Landmark, NWT, Canada. These data can be used as a reference for future such studies to assess massive ground ice presence. This dataset contains the survey data from Tromino 3G ENGY instruments, collected from 2019-07-31 - 2019-08-03. The project files contain the metadata of each instrument position in UTM and acquisition times. Data were collected by Northumbria University and Natural Resources Canada.

Funding was provided by NERC Arctic Office.

Geophysical Survey, Massive Ice, Passive Seismic, Permafrost

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